Torah Rollers - Atzei Chaim

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Our Atzei Chaim - Torah Rollers are crafted in the finest renowned craftsmanships in Israel and beyond. Magnificently hand crafted, the atzei chaim is made from solid wood, embellished with burned-in designs and finished with a high quality stain to enhance the beauty of the natural wood. Browse a unique selection of atzei chaim crafted from .925 sterling silver over a solid wood core. Eternalize the memory of a loved one by engraving a dedication directly on the silver Torah plates or brass inner rings for the wooden plates.

How to Measure your Atzei Chaim - Torah Rollers

Measuring from the Torah scroll (Parchment)
For the length, measure from the top to the bottom of the Torah scroll, or parchment in centimeters or inches.
For the width, measure the diameter of the scroll in centimeters or inches.

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