Thanks so much for sending the breastplate so quickly. Such a blessing...

G.L., Manchester, GA, 7/21/2017

Just wanted to let you know I received the Bima cover and it looks beautiful. Thanks so much for getting it to me on time.

S.H., Fort Lee, NJ, 6/8/2017

Many thanks! I received it today and it looks great to me.

J.R., New York, NY, 6/8/2017

Just arrived! Beautiful!

A.W., Boca Raton, FL, 6/2/2017
testimonial-img testimonial-img

We got the pkg, Torahs are dressed and ready for Shabbat! Thank you!

N.K., Riverside, CT, 6/2/2017

The package arrived today!!! The items are beautiful!

M.G., Champaign, IL, 5/4/2017

Hi Etty, I hope you had a good holiday season. I came in today to find the package from you. The parochet is beautiful!

M.G., Champaign, IL, 1/3/2016

It is beautiful. Here's the picture on the Amud.

R.B., Hallandale Beach, FL , 10/2/2016

The torah cover is beautiful! We love it.

L.K., Hoboken, NJ, 9/14/2016

The package arrived. Everything looks great. Thanks for all your help!

D.T., San Francisco, CA, 9/9/2016

Thank you so much! The cover is beautiful and will have a good home! Shabbat Shalom!

A. A., Northbrook, IL, 7/29/2016

We have received the new Torah mantle. It is very beautiful and it fits our sefer Torah perfectly. Thank you so much for your excellent work.

D.M., Minneapolis, MN, 7/14/2016

We received the parochet yesterday and it is absolutely wonderful! You all did a fantastic job. Kol hakavod. Thanks so much for all of your help

D.M., Everett, WA, 7/1/2016

Everything received. Of course we haven't put them up yet but they look great. Thank you so much for helping us with this project.

H.L., North Bellmore, NY, 6/12/2016

Hi I got it today, looks great!

I. R., Lakewood, NJ, 6/8/2016

Anyone who I show the bima cover to is taken by how nice it looks. Thanks again.

S.E., Englewood, NJ, 6/1/2016

Shalom, we got the cover for the Bima. It looks beautiful, thank you very much!

I. P., Miami, FL, 4/5/2016

Received the rollers and they are beautiful. Thank you!

D. B., Felton, PA, 3/8/2016
testimonial-img testimonial-img

The personalized white covers we received for the HHD and the blue personalized one recently received were excellent.

R. L., Keene, NH, 10/18/2015

Just wanted to let you know the Bimah Cover made it in time and it looks great!

C. S., Duluth, MN, 10/9/2015
testimonial-img testimonial-img

Thank you so much for your help. The Torah Covers were beautifully done and the crown was magnificent. It made the dedication extra special that we were able to have them for Simchat Torah. Thanks again for getting this done so quickly.

H. L., North Bellmore, NY, 10/8/2015

Shana tova! The white Torah mantle and the shulkan cover looked so beautiful on Rosh Hashana. Thank you!

D. S., Saratoga Springs, NY, 9/17/2015

Thank you so much for the speedy shipment and delivery of the Torah cover. We have received it and appreciate your getting it out in time for our Selichot dedication this weekend.

L. B., Buffalo Grove, IL, 9/1/2015

Indeed, the Torah cover arrived today. It is absolutely beautiful. The gold trim at the bottom is perfect. It has been a pleasure doing business with you,

M. P., Gig Harbor, WA, 9/1/2015

The new mantles were presented at Shabbat last night. They are gorgeous and the congregation was thrilled. Thank you so much for all your help.

S. B. , Ashburn, VA, 8/29/2015
testimonial-img testimonial-img

The mantles arrived. Thank you very much.

L. D., Houston, TX, 8/17/2015

Received today. Again, many thanks

A. C., Easton, PA, 7/24/2015
testimonial-img testimonial-img

Received the mantles. They are lovely. Thank you.

L. H., Georgetown, TX, 7/1/2015

Package arrived - very nice, thank you.

V. A., Greensboro, NC, 7/1/2015

Thank you! It’s very nice.

D. L., Bronx, NY, 6/9/2015

I just saw it and it looks terrific. Thank you for such wonderful work. I know the recipient will love the Torah Mantle.

H. F., Pittsburgh, PA, 5/18/2015

Thank you so much for expediting the Torah binder. We now have it for Shavuot when we will also be using the new Torah mantle that we ordered the board and rings for.

J. G., Honolulu, HI, 5/20/2015

Shalom! Unbelievable! I received my order yesterday! The item is beautiful. I am so pleased and astounded at the amazingly swift delivery of my order. I will definitely be shopping with you again. Many thanks for your wonderful customer service.

M. C., Bethlehem, CT, 5/14/2015

I must let you know that I absolutely love the product. Thanks again!

S. T., Montclair, NJ, 5/5/2015

Thank you for the shipping information. The Mantle is just beautiful!

T. D., Galvestown, TX, 4/30/2015

It arrived today and is beautiful! Will try on the Torah and see how it looks later Thank you!!

S. K., Flushing, NY, 4/23/2015

Thanks. The megillah cover was received today. It is perfect.

R. A. B., Peoria, AZ, 3/3/3015

I received the Torah cover today. It looks beautiful! Thanks for the quick turnaround.

M. L., Chesterfield, MO, 2/5/2015

I just got back from a wonderful weekend in NY, Etty, and the Rimonim had arrived! They are truly beautiful, as is the engraving. So I want to thank you once again for all of your help with our order.

R. G., Pittsburgh, PA, 1/25/2015

Great news! The package has arrived in London. My brother received it today and it will be in the Shul this evening. He commented that the pieces are both beautiful and unusual. Many thanks.

B. G., Tel Aviv, Israel, 1/9/2015
testimonial-img testimonial-img

Recvd today.. Thank you

M. G., Indiana, PA, 10/2/2014

We got them yesterday and they fit perfectly and look lovely. Thank you for such wonderful service. Have an easy fast.

K. S., Glen Cove, NY, 10/2/2014

We've just received the mantel. Thank you so so much! Thank you again and gmar chasimo toivo!

E. K., Staten Island, NY, 10/1/2014

Omg totally stunning!! Etty thank u...shannah tovah!!!!

S. L., Teaneck, NJ, 9/23/2014

I received the parochet and various covers and dropped them off at my synagogue -they were wonderful. Thank you so much for all your help - L'Shanah Tovah

T. K., Purchase, NY, 9/22/2014

The crown came today (Thursday) as promised).. You were correct. It is beautiful and looks very majestic on our Torah. Thanks for all your help.

M. B. F., Plano, TX, 9/18/2014

I ordered the HHD torah mantle for Congregation Beth Shalom in Bloomington, Indiana, and received it yesterday. Thanks for the quick turn-around! Thanks for your help, and thanks again for such a beautiful mantle.

S. W., Bloomington, IA, 8/26/2014

Etty, once again: Great Job! Beautiful, exactly as we agreed, arrived on time. :)

A. R., Aventura, FL, 8/26/2014

Absolutely beautiful. Thank you.

R. H., Warminter, PA, 8/26/2014
testimonial-img testimonial-img

We received the covers on Friday and extend our thanks for the quick processing and delivery. Kol Tuv,

B. C., Rehoboth Bch, DE, 7/27/2014

We just got back to NJ and saw the binder. It is just beautiful. Thanks for doing such a nice job, for doing it so promptly, and for being so pleasant to work with. All the best,

R. A., Greensboro, NC, 7/16/2014

Thank you for the beautiful Torah Mantel & especially thank you for all your effort & patience. YOU made it happen! Everyone was very happy with it.

C. C., Brooklyn, NY, 5/19/2014

Hi Etty - the Torah mantle arrived a couple days ago - its beautiful!
Thank you so much.
Shabbat shalom

E. H., Denver, CO, 5/9/2014

We received the rimonim and they look great!

D. H., Baltimore, MD, 3/14/2014
testimonial-img testimonial-img

I just wanted you to know that the Torah mantle and binder arrived
yesterday, and they are both beautiful!
Thank you!

T. B., Santa Cruz, CA, 2/20/2014
testimonial-img testimonial-img

Last evening was our dedication and the Navy torah covers were magnificent.  The lettering was so well done and legible and the silver was perfect.  Thanks for bringing all those details together.  Also you were able to meet our deadline which was awesome.  

R. C., Akron, OH, 2/17/2014

I received the silver rimonim today...absolutely stunning!!! Thank you so much!!

A. S., Southington, CT, 2/15/2014

After a week long of comemoration i finally could stop for a second and do what i really was supposed to do 10 days ago. The Torah mantle you did is probably one of the nicest i have ever seen... And the comments from the people that join our hachnasa was the same. Really thank you and your team for the effort and for providing us with such excellent service.

A. R., Aventura, FL, 12/23/2012
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