Our Torah Pointers - Yad are crafted with high quality workmanship available in sterling silver and/or silver plated. All silver Torah Pointers can be engraved with a customized dedication to commemorate or honor a loved. Coordinate with our matching Torah breastplates, Torah crowns and Rimonim to complete the look!

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All Torah pointers & silver Torah ornaments can be lacquered to maintain non-tarnishable. Contact us for an estimate.

Torah Pointer - Yad
Another form of of Torah ornamentation is the Torah Yad, usually suspended on a chain from the Torah staves, or atzei chaim. The Torah Yad, or pointer, is the Hebrew word for 'hand', as the pointer is usually in the shape of a hand with a pointing index finger. The yad is used to follow the text during the Torah reading, as to ensure that the parchment is not touched.
The Torah pointers are typically made for the most part of sterling silver or silver plated brass, often featuring ritual references and Hebrew verses from the Torah.

Donate a silver Torah pointer, or yad to your synagogue in memeory of a loved one by engraving a personal dedication to eternalize the memory forever.

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